Online Bill Pay

Enjoy unlimited bill payment service. Online Billpay is a secure, easy to use payment system that enables you to pay anyone from your utility provider to the company that mows your lawn.

UCB's Online Bill Pay Offers
  • Convenience - FREE unlimited bill payments with no need for checks, stamps or trips to the post office.
  • Flexibility - Set up either reoccurring or one-time payments based on your needs and ability to pay.
  • Security - Rest assured knowing payments are made to your payees while keeping your account number confidential.
  • Simplicity - Select the date on which you would like your payment to be received.
  • Accessibility - Once you enter a payee's information it will be available anytime you need to make a payment to that same payee. You can also quickly reference payment histories for each payee.
  • Assistance - In the event you have any issues with a payment, we will help you with a resolution.

Some customers set up automatic payments from their accounts for reoccurring bills such as insurance premiums or utility bills in an effort to simplify their finances.

Consider the following when making automatic payments in this manner:

  • Your account number is given to a third party for each auto payment you establish.
  • The greater number of third parties that have your account information on file, the higher your risk for fraud and identity theft.
  • You have authorized the third party to debit your account without prior notification regardless of your ability to cover the transaction.
  • Continue to enjoy the convenience of an automatic payment with greater peace of mind with Online Billpay from UCB.
  1. Log into your Online Banking account
  2. Click the account you wish to pay bills from
  3. Click on the Bill Payment button
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