Guardianship Services

Financial guardianships customarily protect minors or disabled adult children, and are most commonly created at the behest of parents or a court-order. A financial guardian is responsible for managing all assets in a judicious manner and for advocating on behalf of their client's financial needs.

As financial guardian, our professionals manage the following on your loved one's behalf:

  • Cash flow requirements and living expense needs
  • Bill payments and expense management 
  • Medical insurance claims and payments
  • Asset and investment management
  • Federal and state income tax returns

Our trust professionals are dedicated to protecting the financial security of all of our guardianship clients until they become legal adults or, in the case of special needs children and disabled adults, for the remainder of their lives. We work with you to determine their needs are met and administered according to your wishes. Please contact us if we can assist you with arranging a financial guardianship.

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